'Blow Your Mind' photo (c) 2010, kozumel - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/2.0/

I post a lot of videos on this blog, and you can see links to all my annual “Best Videos For Educators” lists here.

Occasionally, I post videos that are, in some ways, just “mind-blowing” — at least to me — in showing the potential of technology.

I’m posting three to start off this list, and hope readers will contribute more:

Here’s an excerpt from The Boston Globe about this first video:

In a paper published last month and an accompanying video (below), a team of five engineers introduced inFORM, an interactive computer system that allows a person on one side of a screen to physically interact with the world on the other side.

ColAR is an app that TechCrunch has written about (see ColAR Uses Augmented Reality To Bring Your Kid’s Drawing To Life). It’s free, and lets you print out coloring pages from their site, color them in, look at them through the tablet app, and they come alive.

Watch this video and prepare to be mesmerized:

In an experiment, researchers were able to take the brain waves of people seeing what’s on the left and reconstruct the images on the right — only from brain waves. You can read about the potential implications of this process, ranging from identifying what patients in a coma are experiencing to seeing our own dreams, at Scientific American:

Okay, your turn. What videos have you seen lately about tech that have “blown your mind”?