It’s that time again — to make nominations for the 2013 Edublog Awards.

As I’m always said, I like the Edublog Awards because they’re great opportunities to learn about new blogs, people and resources that are out there.

You can see my list of nominees from last year here.

Here are my new ones (and I hope you make time to make your own):

Best Individual Blog — This was a tough one. I tried to think about which blogs I make a point of reading every one of its posts and that post regularly (there are quite a few bloggers I wish would write more). There are only a few of them, and most fit in other categories. So, I’m nominating Alexander Russo’s “This Week In Education” here.

Best Group Blog — Middleweb has to be my choice.

Best ed tech / resource sharing blog — Richard Byrne at Free Technology For Teachers is an easy choice.

Best teacher blog — The Center For Teaching Quality Blogs are written by teachers. It could fit in the Group Blog category, but I figure it could fit here, too.

Best administrator blog — Chris Wejr doesn’t believe in rewards, but I’m nominating him anyway 🙂

Most influential blog post of the year — Saving the Poor With Science by Mike Rose is an eloquent piece on how the new emphasis on “character education” is not enough….

Best individual tweeter — Diane Ravitch is a must-follow to keep up-to-date on what’s going on in the world of education

Best twitter hashtag — I’m more of a “lurker” on both, but I think it’s a tie between #ELTchat and #ELLchat.

Best free web tool — Screencast-o-matic, which easily lets you upload presentations to the Web and provide audio narration. It’s been around awhile, but I just tried using it regularly this year. You can read how I use it here.

Best educational use of audio / video / visual / podcast — Joe Mazza hosts an excellent show on BAM Radio about parent engagement.

Best educational use of a social network — The Teaching English – British Council Facebook page has got to be one of the fastest-growing education sites in social media today. It has nearly one million Likes and is a go-to resource for English teachers throughout the world. You can read my interview with Ann Foreman, the person behind the site’s success, here.

Best mobile app — Instagram’s fifteen second video feature. You can read how I use Instagram in the classroom here

Lifetime achievement — Sue Waters, the most helpful person on the Web to educators…