Three weeks ago I published a post wondering how people teaching the IB Theory of Knowledge course handled instruction on the concept of “knowledge questions” and invited guests to contribute.

I’ll be publishing my annual round-up of of “Best” TOK resources, and wanted to post this collection on the topic prior to that time.

Here they are:

I’ll start off with some of my most popular ones:

Review Topics and Primary Knowledge Questions  (from 2016 class)

Primary Knowledge Questions From 2017 Class

Past Topics, Primary Knowledge Questions & Secondary Knowledge Questions (these are particularly useful for Groups Of Three Non-Diploma candidates who are presenting)

List Of Knowledge Questions My TOK Students Are Using This Year For Their Oral Presentations (from 2018 class)

Attention, IB Theory Of Knowledge Teachers! How Do You Teach “Knowledge Questions” (Formerly “Knowledge Issues”)?
is my original post, which also includes some useful resources.

Response: How Do You Teach About Knowledge Questions? is by TOK textbook author Eileen Dombrowski.

Response: Teaching Knowledge Questions is by TOK teacher Brad Ovenell-Carter.

Another Response: Teaching Knowledge Questions is by Prof. Crow, writing on behalf of TOK Tutor.

Teaching Knowledge Questions In IB Theory Of Knowledge

What is a knowledge question? is from Theory of Knowledge Student.


Knowledge Questions in International Baccalaureate Subjects is from IB Mastery.

I’ll be adding to this list as more guest responses come in….