In a post I published earlier this month, I asked Does Anyone Know What Happened To Voice Of America’s “GoEnglish.me”?

GoEnglish.me was/is a excellent multilingual tool for English Language Learners (it had disappeared and, even now, that link will only lead you to the regular VOA Learning English site).

I just heard back from Kyle King, Director, VOA Public Relations:

Hi Larry,

I have been looking into this issue and this is what I am told by our Learning English department:

We are very pleased to hear that GoEnglish.me is considered an excellent bilingual learning English site. Just as we have done with the VOA Learning English website, LearningEnglish.voanews.com, we plan on leveraging the content from GoEnglish.me to produce an enhanced product. Our hope is to provide a more interactive, navigable product that allows the audience a richer learning experience.

In the meantime, we are in the process of reestablishing the link to the older version until the new product is ready. We consider your feedback valuable and welcome any additional comments.

Hope this helps.