'Manufacturing (1960)' photo (c) 2007, Wyman  Laliberte - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

Last year I posted about an incredible Washington Post resource:

40 maps that explain the world is a great collection from the Washington Post that may be the best geography site of the year. It links to another site called 40 Maps They Didn’t Teach You In School that has a number of other good maps. However, that second site also includes a few maps with topics and language that wouldn’t be appropriate for the classroom.

I added it to The Best Websites For Learning & Teaching Geography.

Now, The Post has published a sequel: 40 more maps that explain the world.

And you can bet I’m adding it the same list.

But The Post hasn’t stopped there. They’ve also published 40 charts that explain the world.

For lack of a better place, I’m adding that link to The Best Multimedia Resources For Introducing Students To The Advantages Of Charts, Graphs & Infographics.