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As regular readers know, I’ve been sharing updates about the ongoing trial attacking teachers, tenure, and educator’s due process rights here in California (see The Best Resources On California Court Case Attacking Teacher’s Rights).

I was deeply disappointed yesterday to learn that Jonathan Raymond, the recently-departed Superintendent for our District here in Sacramento, testified for the plaintiffs yesterday.

You can see a video of his testimony here, and read a short summary here.

An administrator here in Sacramento shared this succinct and insightful response to Raymond’s testimony. It speaks for itself:

It would have been nice if he was asked to explain the system that would replace it or what the superintendent did to cause the need for layoffs in the first place. Or what the district did to get a weak teacher better.

I’m also adding this new article on the trail to the “Best” list:

Aggressive public relations campaign amplifies courtroom battle against teacher work rules
is from Ed Source, and is probably the “must-read” article on the trial so far.