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Here’s a link to my two-part Ed Week series on successfully implementing one-to-one programs

Here’s a second two-part series on did on the same topic at Ed Week.

I’ll soon be covering a question in my Education Week Teacher column about one-to-one laptop/tablet programs, and thought it would be useful to readers (and to me!) to create a “Best” lists on the topic (Check out my nine-minute BAM! Radio Podcast on What Are the Real Benefits of a 1:1 Program? What Are the Biggest Challenges? Educators Alice Barr and Troy Hicks share their thoughts, and they are also among contributors to one of my future Education Week columns on the topic).

This list will be fairly limited at the beginning, but I’m confident readers, particularly teachers who are actually doing a one-to-one program, will contribute great stuff in the comments. I’ll be regularly adding those contributions to the post itself, but be sure to check the comments, anyway.

Here’s a start:

Big Educational Laptop and Tablet Projects: Looking at Ten Countries is from Larry Cuban’s blog and provides an excellent overview.

I have a number of useful resources at previously published “The Best….” lists and other posts in this blog, including at:

The Best Research Available On The Use Of Technology In Schools

The Best Advice On Using Education Technology

Here are more resources from other places:

Maine’s Decade-Old School Laptop Program Wins Qualified Praise is from The Huffington Post.

Unfazed, Houston Pushes Ahead on 1-to-1 Computing is from Education Week.

Why Schools Must Move Beyond One-to-One Computing is from November Learning.

Power Up! / Your 1:1 Program: Can You Answer These 10 Questions? is by Doug Johnson.

Why Some Schools Are Selling All Their iPads is from The Atlantic.

New Study Finds One-To-One Device Programs Can Be Effective