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Another young African-American man is dead and another verdict is in…

Here are some useful articles and posts (I hope readers will contribute more):

The Best Resources For Lessons On Trayvon Martin could be helpful.

Fight With Us Too, Damnit (Educators and Jordan Davis) is by Jose Vilson. I took the quotation in the headline of this post from his post.

Jordan Davis in our Classrooms is by Diana Laufenberg, and includes a great lesson plan.

Black Boy Interrupted: On the unfinished life of Jordan Davis is by Ta-Nehisis Coates at The Atlantic.

White rage and white lies: How the right’s language about race created Michael Dunn and George Zimmerman is from Salon.

Sacramento educator Lori Jablonski has created Jordan_Davis_Case_Lesson”>this lesson outline.

Why we can’t see Jordan Davis and why it matters is from The Washington Post.

Teaching About the Jordan Davis Murder Trial is from Edutopia.

Teaching About the Jordan Davis Murder

Florida Man Is Convicted of Murdering Teenager in Dispute Over Loud Music is from The New York Times.