I’ve previously published the two videos I’m posting at the bottom of this post. However, both times I didn’t provide much commentary.

Joe Bower, on the other hand, has done an excellent job providing short, simple, and very insightful posts highlighting what we can learn from both of them.

Make a point of reading his analyses of the South African reading commercial (the first video) and of the video of the young girl learning to ski. You won’t be disappointed.

And, as a bonus, I’ve embedded one of my all-time favorite learning videos, along with my very short analysis of it, at the very bottom of this post.

Now, here’s my personal favorite:

When I first posted it, I gave it the title: Ducklings Video Demonstrates Great “Differentiated Instruction” and wrote this:

In this video, some ducklings were able to get over the curb on their own. However, several found that it was just too high. Look at how someone provides assistance to those having trouble, and how he doesn’t tell them what to do. Instead, he offers it as an option, as a choice they can make. It’s an example of an old community organizing axiom, “If you don’t give people the opportunity to say no, you don’t give them the opportunity to say yes, either.”