There are just so many good infographics and interactives out there that I’ve begun a new semi-regular feature called “Infographics & Interactives Galore.”

You can see others at A Collection Of “The Best…” Lists On Infographics and by searching “infographics” on this blog.

I’ll still be publishing separate posts to individually highlight especially useful infographics and interactives, but you’ll find others in this regular feature.

Here goes:

How Big Is Space? is an impressive interactive from The BBC exploring our solar system. I’m adding it to The Best Sites For Learning About Planets & Space.

If the World were Represented by 100 people this is What it Would Look Like is a collection of infographics. I’m adding it to The Best Sites That Show Statistics By Reducing The World & The U.S. To 100 People.

The most common last names in each state is an infographic from The Washington Post. I’m adding it to The Best Places For Students To Learn About…Their Names.

I’m adding this next infographic to The Best Resources For Learning About Our World’s Population Of 7 Billion:

World Population Data Sheet 2013

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