'Dunce' photo (c) 2009, ~Pawsitive~Candie_N - license: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

Readers might remember the controversy around the southern California high school that issued color-coded student ID’s based on student standardized test scores. They also made students wait in different lunch lines, among other things. See The Best Resources To Learn About High School ID’s & The Scarlet Letter for more information.

Well, a school in the United Kingdom is applying their own version of the idea by letting students who score well in reading tests wear their own clothes while making those who didn’t wear school uniforms. See The Telegraph article, School’s mufti day ban for underachieving pupils ‘equivalent of dunce’s hat.’

I’m sure this strategy is going to be very effective in developing intrinsic motivation and a love for reading — NOT!