I’ve been effusive in my praise for the mobile language-learning app Duolingo — my English Language Learner students love to use it both in class and outside of it.

It just got a whole lot better…

As TechCrunch reports:

The new version features courses to learn English for Chinese and Japanese speakers….As part of this update, the service now also features English courses for Hindi speakers…While the addition of these new languages is one of the highlights of this launch, the other is the launch of a number of new game-inspired learning modes, including a multi-player feature that allows people to compete with each other in real time (or you could always play against a bot, too).

They’ve added more features, too, and you can read about them at TechCrunch.

They are going be very popular and helpful to my students!

I’ll add this update to The Best Mobile Apps For English Language Learners.