The New York Times has just unveiled a week-long interactive that lets readers create “blackout” poetry with some articles, which you can then share.

Here’s how they describe it:

Popularized in recent years by writer and artist Austin Kleon, blackout poetry encourages readers to create poems by redacting words from ordinary texts. During the last week of National Poetry Month, we will feature snippets of Times articles you can use to create and share your own short poems.

Unfortunately, and very surprisingly to me since The Times graphic team is a top-notch one, it’s been very “buggy” in its first few hours. I and, based on tweets, others weren’t able to get it to work for awhile, and it continues to be shaky on its sharing process. You can also see from my screenshot below that the blackout areas are not aligned very well, either.

However, I’m sure they’ll get it all fixed by Monday, when it would be a neat student activity: