I’ve written in my books and here on this blog about student goal-setting lessons and activities (see The Best Posts On Students Setting Goals).

I’ve previously written about my typical end-of-year goal-setting activities and how students announce and publicly display them (along with research supporting that strategy).

I decided to put a couple of different twists on it this year. I had students just identify one goal, we reviewed the difference between performance and learning goals and refocused on the latter (see “Learning Goals” versus “Performance Goals”); had them make a poster that they shared “speed-dating” style and, most importantly, had students display their posters on my classroom windows facing outside.

Students were pretty excited about posting it on the window for others to see, and got to choose and place them where they wanted. It’s a pretty busy hallway, so lots of people see them (and I can see many stopping to look during the year). In the past, I’ve had students only display them in class, and I think making them even more public might generate an even great sense of commitment to them.

Some weren’t as specific as I would have liked, and we really didn’t spend that much time on it, but I figure it can’t hurt, especially if we refer back to them regularly…

Here are a few photos: