'Smithsonian National Museum of American History' photo (c) 2008, F Delventhal - license: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

It’s that time of year, so today I’m preparing writing prompts as part of semester finals for my classes.

For my United States History for English Language Learners class, I will be showing students the video embedded below and giving them the first page of this PDF on why we study history, along with this list from School History on the same topic.

They’ll need to use those resources to respond to this writing prompt:

Watch the video, and read the two lists. In your own words, please share some (at least three) of the reasons they say it’s important to study history. To what extent do you agree with what they are saying? To support your opinion, be sure to include specific examples drawn from your own experience, your observations of others, or any of your readings.

As always, feedback is welcome.

I’m adding this to My Best Posts On Writing Instruction.