I like Pinterest a lot, and have several very active Boards.

One thing I don’t like about it, though, is that the company keeps on changing the way you can embed Pins on blogs and websites.

First, it was easy — they just gave you an embed code. Then, they created a new two-step process that was a pain, while at the same time disabling all the previous embedded images people at used on their sites — most just disappeared! Then, a few months back, they made it a very simple process with just a quick click and you got an embed code.

Now, however, they changed it again, and made it very difficult to figure out how make pins embeddable. In fact, their “Help” section hasn’t even been updated — if you ask how to embed a pin, it give you the old directions for a process that doesn’t work anymore.

There is a way to do so, though, and here it is:

First you click on the pin you want to embed and get its url address — that’s very simple. For example, the url address for the pin I’ve embedded below is “http://www.pinterest.com/pin/21673641931495238/.” You just click on a pin to make it look bigger, and you get the address.

Then, you go to Pinterest’s “Widget Builder” and paste the url address in the box.

Next, you click “Build It” and you’re given an embed code. Copy and paste it, and you get something like this:

So, that’s how you do it now — until they change it again!

I’m adding this info to The Best Guides To Figuring Out Pinterest.