Here are some recent useful resources on educational policy issues:

Ten Reform Claims That Teachers Should Know How to Challenge is by Jack Schneider at Ed Week. I’m adding it to The Best Articles Providing An “Overall” Perspective On Education Policy.

Teachers And Education Reform, On A Need To Know Basis is from The Shanker Blog. I’m adding it to the same list.

Why many Democrats have turned against teachers unions
is by Jeff Bryant, and appeared in The Washington Post.

Gay Marriage and Vergara is by Rick Hess at Ed Week. I’m adding it to California Court Rules It’s All The Teachers’ Fault.

Harris v. Quinn ruling: Unions hit, but not fatally, by SCOTUS is from Politico.

The Dirty, Little Secret in America’s Education Wars? Money Matters is by Jeff Bryant. I’m adding it to The Best Sites For Learning That Money Does Matter For Schools.

LAUSD board agrees on testing alternative laptops is from The LA Times. I’m adding it to A Very Beginning List Of The Best Articles On The iPad Debacle In Los Angeles Schools.

New Twist In Common Core Wars is from Politico. I’m adding it to The Best Resources For Learning About The “Next Generation” Of State Testing.

The History of “Personalization” and Teaching Machines is by Audrey Watters. I’m adding it to both The Best Posts & Articles Highlighting Why We Need To Be Very Careful Around Ed Tech and to The Best Resources On “Race To The Top” (& On “Personalized Learning”).

OPINION: A Distemperate Response to Silicon Valley’s ‘Edtech Revolution’ is from Ed Surge.