Personalized Learning Is ‘Based On Relationships, Not Algorithms’ is the title of my series on personalized learning at Education Week Teacher.

Student Engagement: Key to Personalized Learning is the headline of my fairly lengthy article in ASCD Educational Leadership.

When the last Race To The Top applications came out, its focus on the idea of “personalized learning” prompted me to create a The Best Resources On “Race To The Top” (& On “Personalized Learning”) list.

Now, though, I think it’s time to make the topic a “Best” list of its own…

I’ve got a number of concerns, and a fair amount of skepticism, about what’s passing as “personalized learning” these days, and this collection reflects it. Feel free to make your own suggestions in the comments:

“Personalized Learning,” Race To The Top & Putting Even More Lipstick On A Pig

Another Good Take On “Personalized Learning”

Personalization is by Chris Lehmann.

Dan Meyer On Personalization is by…Dan Meyer.

‘Personalized Learning’ Varies for Race to Top Districts is from Education Week.

Quote Of The Day: Personalized Learning

The Soaring Promise Of Big Data In Math Education is by Dan Meyer.

Gates and Murdoch “Personalize” Learning with Larger Classes and Big Data Systems is by Anthony Cody at Education Week.

Rebirth of the Teaching Machine through the Seduction of Data Analytics: This Time It’s Personal is by Philip McRae.

This Time It’s Personal and Dangerous is by Barbara Bray.


The History of “Personalization” and Teaching Machines is by Audrey Watters.

Betting Big on Personalized Learning is from Education Week

Informal + Formative = Informative Assessments is from Wag The Dog and has a good “take” on personalized learning.

What Is ‘Personalized Learning’? Educators Seek Clarity is from Education Week.

The Best & Worst Of “Personalized Learning”

What do you mean by Personalization? is by Elliot Washor (thanks to Barbara Bray for the tip). Here’s an excerpt:


5 Things You Should Know About Personalized Learning is from The Gates Foundation.

This is a great infographic on personalized learning.

Personalized Learning: More Teacher, Less Algorithm? is from Ed Week.

Focus on the Learner Not Technology offers very good advice about what personalized learning is and what it is not.

How to Survive in the Era of Personalized Education is by A.J. Juliani.

Continued Progress: Promising Evidence on Personalized Learning is a new report from The Gates Foundation.

Joining the “Constructive Controversy” – A Response Inspired by Annie Murphy Paul’s “Against Personalized Learning” is by Allison Zmuda and Bena Kallick.

Planning for Personalized and Customized Learning is by Sean McComb.

Consumer Choice in Schooling: Algorithms and Personalized Learning (Part 1) is by Larry Cuban.

Facebook Unveils New “Personalized Learning” Platform They’re Making Available To Everyone

A Continuum on Personalized Learning: First Draft is by Larry Cuban.

Guest Post: How One District Supports Personalized Learning

Problems with Personalized Learning is by Dan Meyer. Check out the comments.

As ed reformers urge a ‘big bet’ on personalized learning, research points to potential rewards — and risks is by Matt Barnum.

The Histories of Personalized Learning is by Audrey Watters.

As More Schools Look to Personalized Learning, Teaching May Be About to Change is from NEA Today.  I think it’s a pretty good article, but others apparently disagree (Teachers’ Union Faces Backlash Over Publication on Personalized Learning is from Ed Week).

One School’s Quest for Personalized Public Education is from The Atlantic.

Why Do Students in Personalized Learning Programs Feel Less Positive About School? is from Ed Tech Strategies. This is why I think “personalized learning” needs to include tech AND non-tech components.

Personalized Learning: Modest Gains, Big Challenges, RAND Study Finds is from Ed Week.

Technology is transforming what happens when a child goes to school is from The Economist.

All That We’ve Learned: Five Years Working on Personalized Learning is from Silicon Schools.

Personalized learning: The importance of teachers in a technology-driven world is from Brookings.

Is Homework Compatible With Personalized Learning is from Larry Cuban’s blog.

The Case(s) Against Personalized Learning appeared in Ed Week.

Understanding what doesn’t work in personalized learning is from Brookings.

Three versions of personalized learning, three challenges is by Dan Willingham.

In Education, If It Sounds Too Good To Be True, It Probably Is….

Is Personalized Learning the Next Big Thing in K-12 Philanthropy? is from Inside Philanthropy.

Jury is still out on personalized learning approaches taking hold in California and across the country, research finds is from Ed Source.

Don’t just talk about tech: How ‘personalized learning’ advocates are honing their messaging is from Chalkbeat.

Million-Dollar Advice: The High Cost and Limited Return on Personalized Learning Consulting is from Ed Surge.

Personalized Learning: Panel Discussion is from Larry Cuban.

“Personalized Learning”: The Difference between a Policy and a Strategy is by Larry Cuban.

Insights from 200+ years of personalized learning is from Nature.

The Future Of Learning? Well, It’s Personal is from NPR.

Could the forces that fought the Common Core bring down personalized learning? is from Matt Barnum.

Personalized vs. differentiated vs. individualized learning is from ISTE.


Does Personalized Learning Work? The Research Is Too Scant, Too New and Too Nuanced to Give a Clear Yes or No — At Least For Now is from The 74.

Silicon Valley Came to Kansas Schools. That Started a Rebellion. is from The NY Times. Even more interesting, The NY Times Learning Network received over two-hundred comments from students reacting to the article.

What is personalized learning and why is it so controversial? 5 questions answered is from The Conversation.

The Messy Reality of Personalized Learning is a very balanced article from The New Yorker.

Summit Learning reports highlight big ambitions for personalized learning, struggles to prove academic success is from Chalkbeat.


Pandemic boosts interest in ‘mastery-based’ learning, though evidence remains thin is from Chalkbeat.

What about Personalized Learning in Reading? is by Timothy Shanahan.