Earlier today, I posted Weird Al Weird Al Yankovic’s new funny video teaching grammar (I’ve also posted it below). Then, Heather Wolpert-Gawron showed me another funny one, that’s also posted below. I figured there have got to be more out there, so I invite readers to contribute the ones you know about — I’ll post them here and, of course, give you full credit. These can certainly be useful in the classroom!

Chana at GCFLearnFree shared their fun and corny videos that are probably more categorized as easily confused words than grammar-related, but I’m still adding the series to this list.

You can see them all here.

Here’s one of them, and I have the video set as a playlist so you can automatically see them all, too…

This next video shows Sherlock teacher grammar to a murderer. It obviously doesn’t fit into the theme of humor, but I know my high school teenagers would nevertheless find it funny, so I’m adding it here.