Thanks to a tweet from Amanda Ballard, I realized that I had forgotten to include a number of economics-related links on The Best Online Learning Simulation Games & Interactives list yesterday.

So here are some that I’ve previously posted on other “Best” lists that I’m now adding to that one:

It All Adds Up has some useful economics interactives.

Financial Fitness For Life

Gen i Revolution is a series of financial games.

The Best Sites For Students To Create Budgets has quite a few activities that would probably qualify as simulations.

And there might other financial-related ones I missed at The Best Sites For Learning Economics & Practical Money Skills.

Here are links to several stock market simulations:

National Stock Market Simulation

Can You Be The Next Market Guru?

The Stock Market Game

The California Stock Market Simulation

So You Want To Be In Charge of Monetary Policy? is not a stock market simulation, but it is related to it.

And many science-connected simulations can be found at PhET Interactive Simulations and at Houghton Mifflin Discover Simulations.

I hope readers will contribute more!