Here are some recent important posts and articles on education policy issues:

Social Capital Matters As Much As Human Capital – A Message To Skeptics is from The Shanker Blog.

Gary Ravani has written a great post that appeared in The Washington Post titled School reforms that actually work.

StudentsFirst Vice President Eric Lerum and I Debate Accountability Measures (Part 1) is another very important post by Ben Spielberg.

Unintended consequences: More high school math, science linked to more dropouts is the title of a report on a new study.

The Expanding Role of Philanthropy in Education Politics is a new study that, unfortunately, is mostly behind a paywall. I’m still adding it to The Best Resources For Learning About The Role Of Private Foundations In Education Policy.

Michael Petrilli has posted what he thinks are The Top Twitter Feeds in Education Policy 2014. People might, or might not, find it useful.

Campbell Brown and now Whoopi Goldberg are making news with their attacks on tenure and due process:

In Teacher-Tenure Battles, a War for Public Opinion Can Obscure the Nuances is from Ed Week.

‘The View’ Hosts Apparently Love Teachers, Hate Tenure is from The Huffington Post.

California millionaire joins fight against teacher tenure in New York is from The New York Daily News.

Esquire had quite a commentary on Brown’s attempt to end tenure.

The Myth of Teacher Tenure is from The Teachers College Record.