history project

The History Project is led by educators in Pakistan and India who have developed a website and textbook that show each country’s interpretation of their histories — side by side! You can see an image above (reduced in size) from their site.

Not only is a phenomenal resources for students in those two countries, it’s an extraordinary one for teachers everywhere. You can read more about it at NPR: Young Indians And Pakistanis Rewrite Their Shared History

It’s similar to one developed a few years ago by educators in the Middle East. Here’s what I wrote about it in The “Best” Resources For Learning About The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict:

The Peace Research Institute In The Middle East (PRIME) is an organization comprised of Israelis and Palestinians who have developed high school materials on the Middle East that are used in both communities.  As a Newsweek article explains, each page is divided into three: the Palestinian and Israeli narratives and a third section left blank for the pupil to fill in. “The idea is not to legitimize or accept the other’s narrative but to recognize it..”

All the PRIME materials can be freely downloaded from their site. They are far too advanced for English Language Learners, but the idea can used with modified materials about the Middle East conflict. 

Both these sites are great models for students to help understand the importance of walking in another’s shoes. I use this idea in both history and IB Theory of Knowledge classes.

I’m adding this new resource to A Beginning List Of The Best Geography Sites For Learning About Asia & The Middle East.