My two books on student motivation were published by Eye On Education, and older copies have a code you need to type on the Eye on Education website in order to access the many student figures in the book so they could be downloaded.

Eye on Education was bought by Routledge, and I was pleased to see that they made all the all those figure freely available to everybody — whether you bought the book or not.

Up until last month, when you clicked on the original Eye On Education site, you were automatically redirected to the new Routledge site. Because of a technical snafu, though, it now leads you to a dead link. Routledge says it will be fixed on September 1st.

So, I just wanted to remind people that, if you want to download the hand-outs, this post will give you the easy details and links.

You can also access lots of free materials from ALL my books here.

Look for the third book in my series on student motivation in early 2015!