Yale has just unveiled a unique interactive site of 170,000 images from The Library of Congress taken during the Great Depression, and it includes over 3,000 photos taken by the legendary Dorthea Lange, including the famous one at the top of this post.

The Library of Congress states:

Most photographs in this collection are considered to be in the public domain; however, labels on a few images indicate that they may be restricted.

The photos have been available at The Library Of Congress for quite awhile, but Yale has done something really special with their Photogrammar site, which has organized them in some very intriguing ways.

One of the most useful features is a map coded by counties in the United States — click on a county and you can see all the photos taken there. It also have a very effective “Search” function, and a super-duper categorized “Tree Map” of all their photos that I’m trying to figure out how to use for history and language development with my English Language Learners.

I’m adding it to The Best Online Sources For Images.

Thanks to Open Culture for the tip.