MOOC’s seem to be growing in popularity, even with their well-documented challenges (see The Best Posts & Articles On MOOC’s).

There are also popular ones for English Language Learners and ELL teachers.

The British Council has 100,000 students in their recently-opened MOOC for English Language Learners. Here are some articles about it:

Online English course attracts 100,000 students is from The BBC.

How thousands of people can join an English language online course for free is from The British Council.

Future Learn has posted Exploring English with The British Council.

For teachers of ELLs, Understanding Language will offer two MOOC’s for ELL teachers. Here’s how they describe them:

Starting on October 1, we will again offer Constructive Classroom Conversations: Mastering Language for College and Career Readiness, by Kenji Hakuta, Jeff Zwiers, and Sara Rutherford Quach from Understanding Language. This course is a modified version of the Constructive Classroom Conversations MOOCs offered last year, in which over 6000 educators enrolled.

Also starting on October 1, Understanding Language will be collaborating with Oregon State University and the Oregon Department of Education to offer a new MOOC: Supporting English Language Learners under New Standards, by Karen Thompson, Kenji Hakuta, and Sara Rutherford-Quach.