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I’ve started a somewhat regular feature where I share a few posts and resources from around the Web related to ESL/EFL or to language in general that have caught my attention:

For English-Learners, an Effective Teacher in Any Language Is What Matters is from Education Week. I have major concerns about the research discussed because it is based on the results of value-added measurement of teachers, a questionable practice — at best (see The Best Resources For Learning About The “Value-Added” Approach Towards Teacher Evaluation).

Humanising English Teaching, my favorite ESL/EFL language journal, has just put their latest issue online. It’s free.

There have been several recent posts about Socratic Circles and English Language Learners: Socratic Circles and the Common Core: A Close Reading of the Text (Part II) and Socratic Circles and the Common Core: Activity Ideas for ELLs (Part III) are from Colorin Colorado.

Adam Simpson has also written an excellent three-part series on the same topic.

I’m adding all those Socratic Circle posts to The Best Resources Sharing The Best Practices For Fruitful Classroom Discussions.

Enid schools work with a different minority group
is an Associated Press article about an Oklahoma District working with large numbers of ELLs from The Marshall Islands.

Culture Shock: A Mixed-Level Speaking Activity
is from the TESOL blog

Another Blow for English-Learning Students is from The Voice Of San Diego.

Understanding the interaction between high-stakes graduation tests and English language learners is by Julian Vasquez Heilig.

Planning a writing lesson is a short and simple article from The British Council.

A picture is worth a thousand words is a good lesson from Take a Photo and… I’m adding it to The Best Ways To Use Photos In Lessons.

First Lesson: Student generated ID card Swap is from TEFL Geek. I’m adding it to The Best Resources For Planning The First Days Of School.

Pronunciation – native speakers struggle, too! is a series of videos at Links For Students (note that one video on the list isn’t appropriate for the classroom). I’m adding it to The Best Websites For Practicing English Pronunciation.

I can’t say that is by Mike Harrison. I’m adding it to the same list.

Fluency MC is a great musical video channel for ELLs, and it’s already on The Best YouTube Channels For Learning English list. Here’s a fun example: