Here are some recent important posts and articles on education policy:

Why Finland’s schools are top-notch is from CNN. I’m adding it to The Best Resources To Learn About Finland’s Education System.

See the AP U.S. History course changes and take a sample exam is from The Washington Post. I’m adding it to The Best Posts & Articles On The Teacher & Student Protests In Colorado.

As Apprentices in Classroom, Teachers Learn What Works is from The New York Times.

How to start cleaning up the Common Core is by Carol Burris. I’m adding it to The Best Articles Sharing Concerns About Common Core Standards.

How to spot a fake ‘grassroots’ education reform group is from The Washington Post.

What Education “Reformers” Do Not Understand About Teaching and Learning is by Daniel Katz.

Philadelphia Students Walk Out Of Class To Protest Canceled Teachers Contract is from The Huffington Post.

Wealthy Kids Have A Huge Advantage On The SAT is from Business Insider. And this Wall Street Journal article, SAT Scores and Income Inequality: How Wealthier Kids Rank Higher, is a particularly interesting piece on the same topic. I’m adding both to The Best Places To Learn What Impact A Teacher (& Outside Factors) Have On Student Achievement.

Money Flowing for Common-Core Assessments is from Ed Week. I’m adding it to The Best Resources For Learning About The “Next Generation” Of State Testing.

The Plot Against Public Education: How millionaires and billionaires are ruining our schools is by Bob Herbert and appeared in Politico.

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Ed Week reports:

The vice president of the Chicago Teachers Union will temporarily assume charge of the union while its president, Karen Lewis, recovers from a serious illness, the union announced in a short press conference this afternoon.

Here’s another article on the same topic. You might be aware that Karen Lewis has also been considering running for Mayor of Chicago:

Would-be challenger to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is seriously ill is from The Washington Post.