BREAKING NEWS: Deasy expected to step down tomorrow is the headline at The LA School Report.

It shouldn’t surprise anybody. If you want to learn more about the reasons behind his resignation, see my post from earlier today, Blaming Nurses For Ebola In Dallas & L.A. Teachers For District Ineptitude.

NOTE: He did indeed resign. Here are some follow-up articles:

Deasy Resigns as Los Angeles Schools Chief After Mounting Criticism is from The New York Times.

John Deasy resigns; Ramon Cortines named interim head of L.A. schools is from The Los Angeles Times.

Deasy slams teachers unions, speaks of regrets is from The L.A. Times.

Deasy resigns as school superintendent in Los Angeles is from The Washington Post.

Too many maverick moments finally led to Deasy’s undoing at LAUSD
is from The LA Times.

Why Did the Los Angeles Superintendent Resign? is from The Atlantic Monthly.