You may have already heard about PhotoMath, the new iPhone app that lets you point it at a math problem on a textbook and then solves it while showing all the work involved.

Some are immediately reacting by citing it’s potential use in “cheating,” while others cheer that it might force math teachers and textbook publishers to be more creative in how they teach math. In some ways, it may force them to do what some of us in other subjects have been looking at — creating unGoogleable questions.

Here are some useful posts about the app, along with a video. I’m adding this post to The Best Sites For Beginning iPhone Users Like Me.

PhotoMath Could Change the Way We Think About Teaching Math is by Richard Byrne and, I think, is the first post you should look at.

We Should Wish PhotoMath All The Success In The World is by Dan Meyer.

PhotoMath from MicroBLINK on Vimeo.