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“Simitator” Lets You Generate Fake Facebook Pages, Tweets & More


I have a fairly popular The Best Tools For Creating Fake “Stuff” For Learning list. The fake “stuff” I’m referring to includes newspaper articles, sports “trading cards,” iPhone conversations, Facebook pages etc. These can be used for conversation practice, to create reports on historical figures (or on natural disasters or on just about anything) and for numerous other learning activities.

Simitator is another one I’m adding to the list. It lets you create “fake” Facebook pages, Twitter threads and more. Unfortunately, though, you have to download your creation — it won’t let you link to it (most of the other tools on my Best list let you save them as Web pages.

Thanks to Ana Martinez for the tip.

Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.


  1. Check out…. its a website to create fake prank texts and messages all in one site.

  2. Hi Larry,
    This used to be my go to for fake snapchat ( but now the entire Simitator sites gives inappropriate pop ups when you first click the template. I cannot send my students there any more.
    Any thing else out there that does Snapchat?

  3. This Simitator website doesn’t let me upload pictures w/ giving me an error which is annoying since I need it for my sim story

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