Since I posted my extremely popular The Best Places To Get The “Same” Text Written For Different “Levels” list a couple of days ago, I’ve received a number of additional suggestions.

Most of them were for places where you could get leveled readings, but not of the same text. There are many sites where those are available, and I’ll probably do a Best list on it at some point.

There were, however, a couple of excellent suggestions that I’m adding to that list:

Jane Marshall suggested Breaking News English. Duh! How could I have neglected to put it on the original list? I’ve blogged about it a zillion times. It’s there now.

Ken Kay suggested Text Compactor. You paste text into it and it then automatically shares different versions with fewer words. It seemed to work pretty well when I tried it.

And, then, I remembered another obvious one: Rewordify. It’s like a super-sophisticated Text Compactor on steroids. You can read my previous post about it: “Rewordify” Is One Of The Most Unique Sites Out There For English Language Learners & Others.