UPDATE: Supreme Court Immigration Ruling Harms Students & Their Families

The Impact Of Supreme Court Immigration Decision On Our Students

I’m writing this post a few hours prior to President Obama’s address where he will announce his Executive Order on immigration. There are a fair amount of articles and resources suggesting what will be contained in that order now, and I’ll include these at the top of this list. I’ll add new resources after his actual announcement.

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Now, here are resources on the Executive Order:

Obama’s Immigration Plan Could Shield Four Million is from The New York Times.

Obama ready to announce sweeping plans on immigration is from Vox.

Obama Poised to Grant Deportation Relief to Millions of Undocumented Immigrants is from Education Week.

President Obama’s Long-Awaited Immigration Decree is from The Atlantic.

Is Obama giving new protections to 5 million immigrants? Probably not is from Vox and offers a useful chart.

4 times presidents unilaterally protected immigrants from deportations is from Vox.

Obama to Announce Executive Action on Immigration Thursday is from NBC News.


Transcript: Obama’s immigration speech appeared in The Washington Post.

Illegal immigrants can start applying for delayed deportations this spring is from The Washington Post.

11 key facts about Obama’s immigration initiative is from Vox.

Obama Unveils Immigration Plan, Lifts Deportation Threat for Millions is from Education Week.

Parents, young immigrants favored in executive action is a Washington Post interactive.

What Is President Obama’s Immigration Plan? is from The NY Times.

‘Not Who We Are As Americans’ : Obama Announces Deportation Relief for Millions is from NBC News.

Barack Obama anuncia acción ejecutiva y ampara a 5 millones de indocumentados is from Univision.

Obama’s Immigration Plan Mostly Covers Parents is from Five Thirty Eight.

Obama Unveils Immigration Plan, Lifts Deportation Threat for Millions
is from Ed Week.

Illegal immigrants are 3.5 percent of the population. But they are parents to 7 percent of K-12 students. is from The Washington Post.

The best arguments for, and against, Obama’s executive action on immigration is from Vox.

Changes in undocumented immigrant populations is from The Washington Post.

Obama’s immigration overhaul could benefit many in California is from The Los Angeles Times.

Many of the major national organizations working with immigrants have created iAmerica as a “one-stop” bilingual site to get verified information on the executive order.

A Closer Look At Obama’s Immigration Plan: What’s In It, Who’s Affected is from NPR.

Flow chart: Who qualifies for Obama’s immigration offer? is from The Washington Post.

As Obama hands many immigrants a reprieve, hucksters wait to defraud them is from The Washington Post.

How many K-12 students are illegal immigrants? is from The Washington Post.

Undocumented Immigrants Aren’t Who You Think They Are is from Five Thirty Eight.

Maps: States Where Lots Of Students With Undocumented Parents Attend School is from Alexander Russo.

Obama’s huge new immigration plan, explained is from Vox.

Children key to deportation relief is from Ed Source.

What Is President Obama’s Immigration Plan? is from The NY Times.

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The PBS News Hour just aired this report on What’s next for Obama’s immigration actions in court?

You can find the transcript here.

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