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Here are some of the posts I personally think are the best, and most helpful, ones I’ve written during this past month (not in any order of preference):

“Formative Assessments are ‘Powerful’”

The Power Of Having A “Purpose For Learning” In The Classroom

“Write About” May Be The Education Site Of The Year

I’ve Now Done Thirty BAM! Radio Shows On Education Issues

Here’s The Simple & Powerful Gratitude Lesson I’m Doing On Friday Before Thanksgiving Break

Food & “Flow” Is The Topic Of My Latest NY Times Post for English Language Learners

Here’s The Form I Have Students Complete When They’re Listening To Their Classmate’s Presentations

Oh, Boy, This Is Great! Researcher’s Scans Show Brain Connections Growing When Learning New Language

“Close Reading Can Be ‘Fun or Awful’”

Quote Of The Day: “When Will I Ever Use This?” (& How I’ll Use It In Class)

Interview With People Behind The Most Popular English Language Learning & Teaching Sites In The World

Did The Obama Administration Signal A Major Shift In Teacher Evaluation Policies Today?

Excellent Infographic On Growth Mindset

Here’s A New Reading Activity I Tried Out Today That Went Pretty Well…

Video: Here Is How I Used The Shadow Puppet App Today To Teach Verb Tenses

“Start.me” Looks Like An Excellent Place For Students To Save Links

Wow! Shadow Puppet Is A Great iPhone & iPad App For English Language Learners

The Onion Explains Perfectly The Difference Between “Mobilizing” & “Organizing” For Change

My Latest British Council Post: “What Does Enhanced Discovery Learning Look Like In The ELL Classroom?”

Advance Praise For My Upcoming Book On Student Motivation

Video: Bloom’s Taxonomy According To Harry Potter

“Teacher Evaluations Need to ‘Support, Not Sort’”

Trove Makes It Easier To Create Online Personalized “Newspapers”

Quote Of The Day: “Traditional grammar instruction isn’t effective. Period.”

“Oh, I Get It! If You Send Me Out, Then I’m Being Bad; If I Send Me Out, Then I’m Being Good!”

Video: Excellent Short Summary Of Carol Dweck’s Research

Quote Of The Day: On Metacognition

“Why Your Brain Loves Good Storytelling”

“Ways To Teach Math Besides ‘Drill The Skill’”