I’ve previously posted about a project suggested and developed by Daniel Pink about “one sentences” (see The Best Resources For Doing A “One-Sentence Project”).

The idea is that people think twenty years ahead or further about what they want other to say about them, and then use it as a helpful guide for how they live their lives.

In that resource link, you’ll find short videos from Dan, a hand-out I use, along with videos from my previous classes and ones from other schools in the United States.

I just did it with my Beginning and Intermediate English Language Learner students today — it’s a very good project to do two days before winter break! In addition to having them write their “one sentence,” I had them write three things they will do in 2015 to help them move towards their one-sentence goal (see The Best Posts On Students Setting Goals).

I used my favorite iPhone app, Shadow Puppet, to record a few of my Intermediate students showing and sharing their posters (actually, I should say that I had my students actually do the recording, and the last photo is upside down).

I’ll record the rest of my Intermediate students and My Beginners tomorrow, and will post the rest at our class blog.