There has been some relatively recent research on why some students ask for more or less help than others, primarily based on socio-economic background. I’ve been thinking about this lately, and thought I’d bring together some resources for other educators who might be reflecting on it, too (feel free to suggest additional items):

Studying the Ways Students Get Help with Classwork is by Sarah Sparks and appeared in The American Educator.

Asking for help isn’t easy for some students appeared in The Chicago Tribune.

Middle-Class Kids Benefit from ‘Pushing’ for Teacher Help, Research Suggests is from Ed Week.

Want Students to Ask for Help? Talk to Parents. is also from Ed Week.

Poorer Kids May Be Too Respectful at School is from Scientific American.

Help-Seekers and Silent Strugglers is from The American Educator.

Quote Of The Day: “Asking Advice Makes a Good Impression” & Its Connection To The Classroom

This Is A Useful Video For Students To Learn The Advantages Of Asking For Help

Why Kids Are Afraid to Ask for Help is from Scientific American.