Any teacher remotely familiar with reading instruction knows the names “Fountas & Pinnell.” Their books and methods are taught in teacher prep courses and used in schools across the United States and the world.

Similar to Charlotte Danielson’s concern about how her work is being misused to the detriment of teachers (see Video: Charlotte Danielson — “We Better Hold Off On Making High-Stakes Decisions” Based On Student Test Scores), Fountas & Pinnell are recognizing that teachers might be using their work in ways that are not beneficial to students and are raising an alarm.

Here’s an excerpt from Irene Fountas’ post, Text Levels – Tool or Trouble?:


I’ll be adding this post to The Best Posts & Articles About Why Book “Leveling” Is A Bad Idea.

I’ve got to commend researchers like Danielson and Fountas when they speak out on how their work is being used in inappropriate ways. I wish more education researchers would do the same.