This post was originally a “Quote of the Day” but I have changed it into a Best lists sharing multiple resources.

I’ve previously shared research indicating that the new GED is a disaster (you can find that information again in the form of two tweets at the bottom of this post).

Mike Rose just wrote a post about this fiasco titled Danger Signs For The New GED Exam.

Here’s how he ends it:


Also this week, I heard a PBS News Hour segment on this same issue. You can find the transcript here, and I’m embedding the video:

And here again are the tweets I shared last week:



A ‘Sizable Decrease’ In Those Passing The GED is from NPR.

New GED Test Means Many Have To Start From Scratch is from NPR.

Teacher: The Néw High School Equivalency Exam is a Travesty is from Diane Ravtich’s blog.

The GED is out and Common Core is in is from The Hechinger Report.

More Rigorous GED Spurs Jitters, Competition is from Education Week.

Making the Case for a Good-Enough Diploma
is from The Pacific Standard.

GED Lowers Passing Score, Tens of Thousands More Could Receive HS Credentials is from Ed Week.

Lowering The Bar For The New GED Test is from NPR.