A few days ago I posted about an exciting upcoming update to Google Translate that would provide simultaneous verbal translation.

They begin rolling it out today. In addition, the update will also enable translation of images.

Here’s how The New York Times explains it:

In this version, the app is supposed to pick up who is talking based on the language being spoken. So, say you wanted to order a slice of chicken pizza in Spanish. Using the app, you could walk into a pizza parlor, and, with your lips at an awkward proximity to the phone’s microphone, make your request, after which a robotic voice would spit out the question in Spanish.

Then let’s say the guy behind the counter asks if you want extra cheese. He could ask you that question in Spanish, and the phone would relay it in English. Respond “Yes” or “No” in English, and out comes Spanish again.

You can also read more about it at TechCrunch’s post, Google Translate Now Does Real-Time Voice And Sign Translations On Mobile.

I’m looking forward to trying it out. It could be a big help for teacher of English Language Learners who receive very early Beginners in their classes, and for some limited teacher/parent communication.

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