Here are two (really, three) videos from this week that could be very useful in the classroom.

First off, here’s Gina Rodriguez’ acceptance speech at The Golden Globes Awards. You can find the transcript at BuzzFeed, and here’s an excerpt:

For the stories that Americans have, I feel like there’s a perception that people have about Latinos in America specifically — somebody growing up in Chicago, English being my first language, Spanish being my second — that we are perceived a very certain way.

Our stories have been told, and they’re not unmoralistic, you know, being a maid is fantastic. You know, I have many family members that have fed many of their families on doing that job, but there are other stories that need to be told.

You may also be aware that the song, Glory, from the Selma movie also won a Golden Globe.

Here are the lyrics, the first music video (which is particularly accessible to English Language Learners because it displays the lyrics) and then a second one that was just released a couple of days ago.