I’ve published several posts describing games Jimmy Fallon plays on his late-night show that are all very useful for English Language Learners in the classroom.

Last night, he modeled yet another one. This time it was Password, and many people are probably already familiar with how it’s played.

Basically, players are divided into pairs, and one person in the pair is given a word. The other partner is allowed to give a one word clue to help his/her partner guess the word.

To ensure 100% participation in the classroom, I might have one student up in front giving the clue and all the other students have small whiteboards where they would write their guesses and show them.

Let me know if you have other versions that you use.

Here’s a video of how Jimmy Fallon and his guest played it last night:

I’m adding this post to The Best Ideas For Using Games In The ESL/EFL/ELL Classroom.