Each week, I publish a post containing three or four particularly useful resources on classroom instruction, and you can see them all here.

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Here are this week’s picks:

Show Us Your #SinglePointRubric is by Jennifer Gonzalez. I’m adding it to The Best Rubric Sites (And A Beginning Discussion About Their Use).

301 Prompts for Argumentative Writing is from The New York Times Learning Network. I’m adding it to The Best Posts On Writing Instruction.

The Harvard Business Review published a short article titled The Neurochemistry of Positive Conversations. Read the article, which includes the chart in the tweet below. How are we doing in our conversations with students? I’m adding this info to The Best Resources On The Importance Of Building Positive Relationships With Students.

Everything You Need to Know About Becoming a Better Listener is another excellent article from The Harvard Business Review. It’s short and accessible, and will be a great addition to the lesson plan I have about becoming better listeners in my Self-Driven Learning book. I’m adding the article to The Best Ideas To Help Students Become Better Listeners — Contribute More. Here’s a tweet about the article:

Here’s a potentially useful graphic: