I’ve started a somewhat regular feature where I share a few posts and resources from around the Web related to ESL/EFL or to language in general that have caught my attention:

Fusion has an article about the challenges schools and students are having in English As A Second Language classes in Mexico’s public schools.

Welcoming Immigrant Students Into the Classroom is from Edutopia.

Dual-Language-Learner Group Aims to Bridge Research, Classroom Practice is from Education Week.

Q&A With Libia Gil, Head of the Federal ELL Office is also from Ed Week.

Accessibility of English-language Proficiency Tests for English Learners and English Learners with Disabilities is a new paper from Educational Testing Service. I’m adding it to The Best Resources For Learning About The “Next Generation” Of State Testing.

Testing Burden on ELLs Needs Easing, Federal Officials Say is another Ed Week post. I’m adding it to the same list.

Passing the Barriers: First Meeting is from ELT cation, and has some good ideas for the first day of class. I’m adding it to The Best Resources For Planning The First Day Of School.

Kaboom! The Explosive Team Review Game (With an added twist…) and Speaking Bingo are both from Lizzie Pinard. I’m adding them to The Best Ideas For Using Games In The ESL/EFL/ELL Classroom.

I’m adding these next links to The Best Sites To Learn About Valentine’s Day:

Why do we celebrate Valentine’s Day? is from EFL Smart Blog.

Saint Valentine’s Day activities is from The Travelling Teachers.