Alma Avalos, the extraordinary bilingual aide who works with me, and I are going to start intensively using Remind to send weekly text messages to our students and their parents (of course, only if parents agree).

This idea builds on the studies I’ve previously posted about that have shown these kinds of messages to parents have resulted in positive learning outcomes for their children.

I’m compiling a list of the kinds of texts, which will be sent in Spanish (thanks to Alma — my Spanish is not up to the task), that would be most beneficial to English Language Learners.

Here’s a list of what I’ve come up with so far (and I’ve only spent a few minute on it), and I’m hopeful that readers will contribute a lot more. I’ll then compile it into a master list and share:

For Students:

Please remember to use Duolingo at least one-half hour each night.

Do you have a book in English to read? If so, please read it. If not, please get one from class.

Please share with your parents what you learned in school today

For Parents:

Please remember to ask your child to tell them the English words they learned today.

Please remind your child to use the website called Duolingo for at least one-half hour each night.

Please encourage your child to read books in English.

Please encourage your child to watch movies in English with subtitles in English to help them learn.

You might want to ask your child to label different things around the house with the English word for those objects.

Consider asking your students to read to you in English.

We have school staff that speak several languages. Don’t hesitate to call the school if you have questions or concerns.