As I’ve mentioned in the past, I have generally been pretty insistent that students look at me when I’m speaking so I can have their undivided attention. However, as I’ve also mentioned, I’ve made exceptions for students who have told me that it helps them concentrate.

I originally brought up this issue in Will Doodling Help Students Learn Better?, which reviews a study on the topic. It elicited a number of thoughtful comments.

I followed that post with another one, Video: The Value Of Doodling.

Now, I just read a very interesting article with an over-hyped headline, 7 Ways Doodling Will Change Your Life. It provides a good overview of research on the subject.

The Cognitive Benefits of Doodling is from The Atlantic and Making Learning Visible: Doodling Helps Memories Stick is from MindShift.

The scientific case for doodling while taking notes is from Quartz.

This 1 Tip Will Make Your Meetings Much More Effective (and It’s Not That Hard at All) is from Inc.

Doodling Makes Learning More Sticky for Students is from Middleweb.

What has been your experience with doodling in the classroom? And what other resources would you add to this list?