The potential nuclear deal with Iran is in the news. Here are a few useful links that I thought might be useful to other educators and to me for use in the classroom.

You might also be interested in a previous “Best” list, The Best Sites For Learning About The Protests In Iran.

Here goes:

The Nuclear Talks With Iran, Explained is an interactive from The New York Times.

Netanyahu Speech Raises Burden for Obama on Iran Nuclear Talks is also from The NY Times.

Between the lines of Binyamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress is an interactive from The Guardian.

Readers on Netanyahu, Iran, and Existential Threats is from The Atlantic.

Iran’s nuclear capability is an infographic from The Washington Post.

Inside Iran’s Fury: Scholars trace the nation’s antagonism to its history of domination by foreign powers is from Smithsonian.

Iran-U.S. relations: A brief history [Infographic] is from Al Jazeera.

US-Iran relations: A brief guide is from The BBC.

Iran, the United States and a Political Seesaw is an interactive from The NY Times.

Highlights of the Iran deal is from The Washington Post.