I’ve previously posted about how impressed I am with Jennifer Gonzalez and her Cult of Pedagogy (see A New – To Me – Blog That Is Definitely Worth Reading: “Cult Of Pedagogy”).

I’ve even more impressed after seeing her new ebook, The Teacher’s Guide To Tech.

As she accurately describes it:

it’s a 210-page interactive PDF that you can store on your home computer, work computer, even on a tablet or smartphone. It contains clear descriptions of over 100 tech tools (almost all of them free), divided into 30 categories, with links to over 100 videos showing how the tools work, practical ideas for using each tool in the classroom, a glossary of over 80 tech terms, and a clickable table of contents and index that help you navigate through the binder with ease.

You can read more about it here and also watch the video embedded below. It costs $19.99, and it’s definitely more than worth it. It makes things a lot easier for either an ed tech novice or an expert to have all of these resources in one accessible place!

Great work, Jennifer!