With my third book on student motivation coming out tomorrow, the headline in an Atlantic article yesterday, Does Student Motivation Even Matter?, certainly caught my eye – especially when it purported to be an analysis of a new Brookings report by the respected Tom Loveless.

As I expected, the headline and article wasn’t the most accurate description of the report’s conclusions about student motivation. I was pleased to see that Evie Blad at Education Week beat me to the punch by providing a clear report very nuanced conclusions on student engagement. Check out her article at Study Questions Link Between Engagement, Achievement—Or Does It?

In fact, the largest portion of Tom’s report relates to international gender issues and school achievement. Here are a couple of links from Vox talking about those intriguing findings:

Primarily because of the Ed Week article, which really is very good, I’m adding this post to The Best Posts & Articles On Student Engagement.