The verdict has been announced for the defendants in the Atlanta test-cheating scandal.

I can’t excuse their actions, but the charges and trial sure seem to be an enormous over-reaction, and I can’t not wonder if the fact that all of the accused were African-American entered into the equation.

Much has been written about the case over the past few years, and I have accumulated some of those articles at The Best Posts & Articles About The Atlanta Testing Scandal.

I thought the verdict itself was worth a separate “Best” list. Feel free to add suggestions in the comments section:

Taking the Fall in Atlanta is by Richard Rothstein.

When Teachers Cheat is from The Atlantic.

The Biggest Outrage in Atlanta’s Crazy Teacher Cheating Case is from The Fiscal Times. Thanks to Ben Spielberg for the tip.

Atlanta Educators Convicted in School Cheating Scandal is from The New York Times.

The Atlanta Cheating Verdict: Some Context is from NPR.

Atlanta teacher convictions: Do standardized testing pressures foster cheating? (+video) is from The Christian Science Monitor.

When Teachers, Not Students, Do The Cheating is from NPR.

Why the Atlanta cheating scandal failed to bring about national reform is from The Guardian.

America is criminalizing Black teachers: Atlanta’s cheating scandal and the racist underbelly of education reform is from Salon.

Atlanta Injustice Demands a Response is by David B. Cohen in Ed Week.

Quote Of The Day: Sentencing In Atlanta Trial Delayed Until Tuesday

Quote Of The Day: Prison Sentences In Atlanta

Accountability for Whom? is by Pedro Noguera.

Why Jailing Cheating Teachers Probably Won’t Help America’s Kids is from Take Part.

Just in case you haven’t seen this video segment on the Atlanta cheating scandal from last night’s The Daily Show, here it is…

I think it’s pretty good, though it does omit two important points — it doesn’t really talk about the overall problem of focusing on test scores, and doesn’t say anything about the fact that all the defendants were people of color.

Judge Reduces 3 Educators’ Sentences In Atlanta Cheating Scandal is from NPR.

What Really Happened to Atlanta’s Students When Their Teachers Cheated is from The Atlantic.

The hard ethical challenges that confront teachers today is by Richard Rothstein.

With hymns and prayers, ex-APS educator reports for prison in cheating scandal is from The Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Remember the Atlanta schools’ cheating scandal? It isn’t over. is from The Washington Post.