Doug Lemov’s “Teach Like A Champion” is very influential. It has a number of good ideas in it though, in general, I’m not a big fan for many of the same reasons described in the links I share later in this post. I thought I’d begin to bring together some thoughtful commentaries on it (most which I’ve previously shared on this blog) and invite readers to contribute their own, as well as suggestions of links to others:

This lengthy Guardian feature on his work, The revolution that could change the way your child is taught, is worth a read by all teachers. He’s collected the videos referenced in the article here.

What I Notice and Wonder about Teaching Like a Champion by Ilana Horn is what prompted me to make this list. In addition to reading the post, check out the comments, particularly the ones by Grant Wiggins.

The Teach Like a Champion Paradigm is by Ben Spielberg.

This School Year, Don’t Teach Like a Champion is by Ray Salazar.

Please contribute other commentaries!