Twitter has just launched a new “Retweet With Comment” feature that easily lets you use all of your characters now to comment on someone else’s tweet instead of trying to fit that tweet and all your comments into one.

It looks like this:


You can read all about it at TechCrunch, and find the instructions here at Twitter.

If you click the retweet button on a tweet that’s located on the Twitter mobile or web site, the new feature automatically pops up. However, if you use Tweetdeck on the Web, like I do, you’ll find that this new feature doesn’t work there — yet, at least. I hope that changes soon.

Another disappointment is that it doesn’t show up as a retweet with comment if you embed it. It will then only show your comment with a link to the original tweet. The tweet I showed earlier in this post is an image, not an embedded tweet.

I’m adding this post to The Best Resources For Beginning To Learn What Twitter Is All About.